Lutz Hören

Student. Freelancer. Software Engineer.
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curriculum vitae

Past, Present, Future


Front-End and Back-End Developer.
Mac and iOS Developer.
3D Graphics Developer.

FH Düsseldorf


Bachelor of Engineering
Media Informatics

Zülow Elektronik


Trainee Communication Technician.


Applications, Games and Projects

Goin´ Goblins 2012

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Augmented Reality - Virtual Archery Project at FH Düsseldorf
Released Paper: Goin’ Goblins - Iterative Design of an Entertaining Archery Experience

photo&mail 2013

Take a Photo and immediately send it via E-Mail to your friends, co-worker or printer.

Fragmentz 2012


Interactive 3D Video using WebGL
Made with Students from FH Mainz.

Constructive Solid Geometry 2013


Constructive Solid Geometry made for Unity.
Supports Union, Subtractive and Intersection. Includes Planar Texture Mapping or using existing Texture Coordinates.

Imaginarium 2013


Project Website at FH Düsseldorf
Department Virtual Reality.

Workflow Tool Idea 2013

Workflow Tool is a Extension/Replacement for the Clipboard. Project-Oriented Design helps you to keep your Files and Information organized.

Lock 2013


OS X Application
Simulates Window Locking (using STRL+L). Supports Custom Keyboard Shortcut. Status Item for Locking per Mouse.

Pong 2012

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Classic PONG Game using HTML 5 and Canvas Technology.
Project was mainly for learning Grahpics Programming with JavaScript, Canvas and Web-Technologie.
Control your Player with the Arrow Keys UP and DOWN.

unleash3d Game Engine Now - 2011

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unleash3d is a modern Game Engine with the following Features:

  • Integrated Editor
  • Deferred Rendering
  • Entity-Component-System
  • Physic using Bullet
  • TrueType Font Support (Freetype)
  • Various 3D Formats (ASSIMP)